In Canada, the boreal forest covers an area of nearly 3 million km². This ecosystem plays a crucial role in conserving biodiversity and mitigating climate change. These forests are also essential to the Québécois and Canadian economies, especially for resource-dependent regions such as Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean.

The Boreal Research Centre combines expertise related to the natural processes and productivity of the boreal forest ecosystem and the valorization of boreal resources.

The boreal forest is simultaneously a living environment for diverse flora and fauna, a socio-economic vitality for the region, a vacation spot, a place for hunting and fishing, and the ancestral territory of the First Nations.
The researchers of LASEVE identify bioactive compounds from plants and other boreal species and undertake the work required to develop the products of interest.
The research projects of EcoTer aim to advance scientific knowledge related to the boreal forest by considering all ecological and climatic factors controlling its productivity, its capacity to store carbon, and its resilience to climate change and natural disturbances.
LERGA focuses its research activities on hydrogeomorphology, land-use planning, and the development of geomatic tools.
The Ecofjord laboratory seeks to understand the structure and functioning of the Saguenay Fjord ecosystem.
The CREAE is dedicated to highlighting and conserving exploited freshwater and diadromous fish species and their habitats.
The Chair is a university organization having a primary mode of intervention through professional assistance to organizations, institutions, and companies wishing to develop projects within the framework of sustainable development.
Boreal Carbon is both a research infrastructure of UQAC and a program to offset greenhouse gas emissions through tree planting.
Located on the UQAC campus, the CTVB was created in 2019 by the CEE–UQAC.
The BER is a unique infrastructure in Québec dedicated to research and teaching related to the wild blueberry and its environment.