Le Centre de recherche sur la boréalie (CREB), The Boreal Research Centre, is a strategic grouping that unites the research efforts of professor–researchers at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) working on renewable resources of the boreal forest.

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Who are we?

Le Centre de recherche sur la boréalie (CREB), brings together 24 professor–researchers from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC) specializing in various fields, but who all work on issues related to renewable resources in the boreal environment.

Many of the CREB’s researchers are recognized leaders in their respective fields. The members’ spectrum of expertise includes forest management, forest growth and dynamics, green chemistry and the valorization of non-timber forest products, carbon and forest soil management, terrestrial and aquatic ecology, sustainable development, climate change, northern agriculture, and hydrogeomorphology.

CREB professors, researchers, and students are members of the Laboratoire d’analyse et de séparation des essences végétales (LASEVE), Laboratory for the Analysis and Separation of Plant Essences, the Boreal Terrestrial Ecosystems Laboratory – the Laboratoire sur les écosystèmes terrestres boréaux (EcoTer), the Laboratory of Expertise and Research in Applied Geography – Laboratoire d’expertise et de recherche en géographie appliquée (LERGA), the Saguenay Fjord Ecosystem Research Laboratory – Laboratoire de recherche sur l’écosystème du fjord du Saguenay (Écofjord), the Research Chair in Eco-Counselling – Chaire de recherche en éco-conseil, the Research Chair on Exploited Aquatic Species – the Chaire de recherche sur les espèces aquatiques exploitées (CREAE), Boreal Carbon – Carbone boréal, and the Research Consortium for the Transformation and Valorization of Bioproducts – Consortium de recherche sur la transformation et la valorisation des bioproduits (CRTVB)

Our vision

To make research as accessible as possible, the Centre has established the CREB partners’ roundtable. This annual forum aims to create a synergy between the academic, governmental, and industrial communities. This contextual research environment makes it possible to quickly address the challenges and concerns of various forest sector stakeholders and accelerate knowledge transfer.

The CREB has set up the Observatoire régional de recherche sur la forêt boréale, Regional Observatory for Boreal Forest Research, to involve all forest stakeholders and users, as well as the territory’s occupants, in identifying concerns, defining scientific issues, and developing a sustainable management strategy for boreal forest ecosystems.

CREB researchers promote integrating postdoctoral fellows and graduate students into funded projects within various fields related to the boreal environment.



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